Vegan lollies delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Vegan Lollies

Lolly Warehouse is your one-stop-shop for a range of vegan lollies that will satisfy your craving for something sweet that is also free from animal products.

Our selection of vegan lollies includes confectionery to suit all types of taste buds. One of our most popular choices are Kingsway Sour Apples, which are apple-flavoured gummy lollies with a yummy sour sugar coating.

If you’re after vegan lollies and you’re also a fizzy lollies fan, then be sure to try our Kingsway Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles and our Kingsway Giant Fizzy Strawberries. Perhaps you’re a licorice lover? You can buy Gourmet Licorice at Lolly Warehouse, with a choice of black or red.

All of our vegan lollies are available to purchase in bulk, because we know that one lolly is never enough. Grab a 500g bag of fruit-flavoured Space Mix gummy lollies or a 135g bag of chewy Swizzels Drumsticks Choos so you can stock up and save today.

Vegan Lollies and Other Special Confectionery

At Lolly Warehouse, we have something in our selection of lollies for everyone, including sweets for people who have special dietary requirements. In addition to selling vegan lollies, we also sell sugar free lollies, gluten free lollies, dairy free lollies, vegetarian lollies, Halal lollies, and gelatine free sweets.

What’s more, if you’re planning an event, you will find everything you need at Lolly Warehouse. We sell candy in all different flavours and colours, so you will easily find delicious confectionery for your wedding, christening, baby shower, birthday party or holiday-themed event.

It’s simple to browse our website because you can search by occasion, brand, colour, product or special dietary requirement. Add your choice of vegan lollies and other confectionery to the online shopping cart and it won’t be long before your box of sweet treats arrives directly at your door.