Halloween Lollies

Halloween lollies delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Our Range of Halloween lollies

Are you looking for Halloween lollies for your spooky party or for trick or treaters? Lolly Warehouse has everything you need and more.

As an Australian-based wholesaler and supplier of high-quality confectionery, we supply a wide selection of Halloween lollies and other products that are great as gifts and treats for parties and other occasions. Take your pick from unique and delicious Halloween lollies available on our site.

Some of our most popular items include Chunky Sour Ears, Fizzy Worms, Fried Eggs, Green Frogs, and Black Cats.

Our Gummi Halloween lollies range includes Body Parts, Fangs and Spiders.

Chocolate fans will love our orange choc balls, choc buttons that come in black and orange, or our black chocolate hearts. Sticking with the typical colour theme for Halloween you may also like to stock up on our delicious Licorice Wheels.

These Halloween lollies are sure to be a huge hit for trick or treating or as part of your custom buffet at your Halloween party.

Why shop with Lolly Warehouse

You may find a lot of online shops selling confectionery, but our selection of products is not like any other. As specialists in bulk confectionery, Lolly Warehouse offers almost every type of candy, gums, lollies and sweets. We have gummy and sour sweets, chocolate bars, licorice, novelty sweets, and even sugar-free sweets.

But more than just offering these products, Lolly Warehouse delivers direct to your door.

Stock up now to create a custom lolly buffet that features some of our best Halloween lollies. We also have great options for birthday parties, corporate functions, and weddings. We can cater to every occasion.

Browse through our online shop to see which products you would like to stock up on for your party. Place an order and we’ll get onto delivering your order right away.