Novelty Candy

Novelty Candy delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Novelty Candy

At Lolly Warehouse, our range of novelty candy is not only bursting with flavour, it’s also bursting with personality.

From traditional favourites like bags of milk chocolate coins and candy bracelets, to downright wacky options like gummy body parts and camel balls, our selection of novelty lollies will delight any sweet tooth.

Our bestselling novelty candy includes sherbet fountains where you can dip a stick of licorice into fizzy sherbet, and Chupa Chups cotton bubble gum, which transforms from tutti-frutti flavoured cotton candy into bubble gum.

At Lolly Warehouse, you can purchase novelty candy in bulk, making it easier for you to prepare for your next big party or special event.

Novelty Lollies and Other Bulk Confectionery

Whichever type of novelty candy you’re after, you can purchase it in bulk at Lolly Warehouse.

If it’s gummy treats you desire, we sell Allseps racing cars in 1kg bags and Trolli gummy octopus lollies in bags of 500 grams.

Fans of sour lollies will go wild over a tub of 240 Extremely Sour Warheads, while chocoholics may prefer purchasing a 10 pack of Pink Lady chocolate frogs, or a 1kg bag of colourful choc rocks.

Our novelty lollies will also suit a range of functions and special occasions. We’ve got packets of candy canes for Christmas, love heart lipsticks for Valentine’s Day and gummy fangs for Halloween.

At Lolly Warehouse, we have novelty candy to fill party bags or create a memorable lolly buffet at your next event. For party favours, you can’t go past candy necklaces and bracelets, both available in packs of ten.

Browse our selection of novelty lollies in our online store. It’s easy to search by colour, occasion, product, brand or dietary requirement. Place your order online and we’ll deliver your fun and delicious novelty candy right to your door.