Sherbet delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Sherbet Candy

There aren’t many other types of confectionery that take you instantly back to childhood, the same way sherbet candy does. This sweet (sometimes sour) fizzy powder puts a smile on everyone’s face.

For adults and children like, sherbet is a winner all round, which is why we have an extensive range of sherbet online to choose from.

We have 1kg bulk bags of sherbet shots in various colours. Each bag contains around 200 individually wrapped pieces of hard candy with a delicious sherbet filling. This sherbet candy is available in white, blue or pink – a perfect choice for baby showers or any special occasion.

Our sherbet shots also come in a variety of flavours. We have 500g bags of apple, strawberry, lemon and orange flavoured shots. This extends the colour choice in this range to green, yellow, orange, and dark pink. If you have trouble choosing between these flavours, why not try our assorted flavour 500g bags that include all four fruity flavours.

If you’re a fan of fruit flavoured sherbet you may also like to check out our 1kg bags of fruit sherbet cocktails in assorted colours.

Our Australian made fruity sherbet bombs are also a crowd-pleaser, available in a 450g bag that includes a mix of individually wrapped sherbet candy.

If you’re a fan of classic Australian sherbet, then you can’t go past our Allens Sherbies.

Another one of our popular sherbet products is our UK made Maxons limes. These fruit flavoured boiled sweets are available in a 500g bag or a massive 3.18kg container.

For those who love the taste of sherbet but are diet-conscious, you will love our sugar-free sherbet products, available in strawberry or lemon.

The above is just some of the sherbet products we stock. We also have the classic Sherbet Fountain, UFOs and much more.

Sherbet Online & Other Confectionery

The Lolly Warehouse is the home of much more than sherbet products. Our bulk confectionery range has everything you need for your next event or special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, baby shower, Halloween or Christmas.

Our online store includes Gummy Sweets, Sour Sweets, Chocolate Bars, Sherbet Products, Licorice, Mints, Novelty Sweets, Lollipops, Chewing Gum, Toffees, Sugar-Free Sweets, and much more.