Black lollies delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Black Lollies

If you are a big fan of black lollies, you will be pleased to hear that Lolly Warehouse sells a range of these dark-coloured sweets in aniseed and liquorice flavours, blackberry, cola, chocolate and more.

Liquorice often comes to mind when you think of black lollies, which is why our bestsellers include Walker’s Liquorice Toffees and colorful liquorice allsorts. If you’re looking for black lollies with more of an aniseed flavour, our aniseed humbugs are very popular, as are our sugary aniseed rings made by Allseps.

Black lollies are a great choice for Halloween parties or other spooky events, particularly Allseps black cats and Damel gummi spiders.

We have so many black lollies to choose from that avid sweet tooths are sure to find something they fancy.

Black Lollies & Themed Sweets in Bulk

Lolly Warehouse sells confectionery in bulk, meaning you can purchase all the black lollies and other candy you need at affordable prices. If you are planning a party with a certain colour scheme you can easily search our website by colour, be it black lollies, white lollies, or even gold lollies.

If you love jelly beans, purchase a one kilogram bag of black jelly beans or a one kilogram bag of mini cola flavoured jelly beans. If it’s chocolate you are looking for, then grab a one kilogram bag of black chocolate balls or a one kilogram bag of black choc rocks. Liquorice lovers can buy a one kilogram bag of Creamrocks liquorice. When it comes to our selection of black lollies, you will find you are spoilt for choice.

We deliver black lollies and colourful candy to homes right across Australia. All you need to do is add your liquorice, chocolate and aniseed flavored black lollies to the online shopping cart and before you know it, your yummy parcel will be at your door.