A mouth-watering selection of candy is available at Lolly Warehouse, including yellow lollies and confectionery in a rainbow of colours. We sell many types of yellow lollies online, from chewy to sour, as well as long-lasting sweets, and in flavours like banana, lemon and custard.

Yellow lollies delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Yellow Lollies – Online Lolly Shop – Lolly Warehouse

Our biggest selling yellow candies are old-time favourites from well-known brands like Allseps bananas and Allens Fantales.

Purchase yellow lollies online and stock up on the yummiest treats for birthday parties, lolly buffets and other special occasions. Bon Bons are a popular pick when it comes to choosing yellow lollies, and are available in lemon or rhubarb and custard flavours in bags of 500 grams and three kilograms.

If you are a chocolate fan searching for yellow lollies online, Lolly Warehouse sells choc balls and buttons coated in yellow candy, as well as caramel choc whirls.

Yellow Lollies Online & Colourful Sweets in Bulk

Event planners will find exactly what they need at Lolly Warehouse, because we don’t just sell yellow lollies online, we stock confectionery in a variety of colours to suit the theme of your party.

Buying lollies on our website is easy because you can search by colour, including yellow lollies, white lollies, blue lollies, pink lollies and more. We specialise in bulk confectionery so you can purchase lots of yellow lollies online at affordable prices.

If you want to buy bulk sweets for lolly jars, we have plenty of eye-catching choices. Our bestsellers include Allseps honey bears, pineapple jelly beans, and lemon candy chews – all available in one kilogram bags. If you prefer individually wrapped yellow lollies, grab a one kilogram bag of sherbet lemons, or eucalyptus and honey candies.

Lolly Warehouse delivers our delicious confectionery to addresses across Australia. Simply fill your online shopping cart with yellow candies and other sweets and get ready for your order to arrive at your door. We offer fast shipping in Australia.