Chocolate Gems

Chocolate Gems lollies delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Chocolate Gems

Chocolate Gems are the perfect confectionery choice if you are looking for something extra special. At Lolly Warehouse, we sell Chocolate Gems that come in a variety of colourful, foil-wrapped shapes to suit your special occasion.

You can choose Chocolate Gems shaped like stars, hearts, or kisses wrapped in shimmering foil colours such as silver, blue, purple, red, green, gold, orange and pink.

Heart-shaped chocolates are a great choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. For something fun, you might like Happy Chocolate Hearts with pink and white sprinkles or red and white sprinkles, or white chocolate hearts with rainbow sprinkles. For the true romantic, Romeo Chocolate Hearts come in gold or red foil and are available to purchase in boxes of 18 pieces.

With so many different types of Chocolate Gems to choose from, you will find exactly what you need for your birthday party, wedding, baby shower or other special event.

At Lolly Warehouse, you can purchase Chocolate Gems in bulk. Our bags of foil-wrapped milk chocolate stars and kisses come in 400g bags and our foil-wrapped milk chocolate hearts come in bags of 500g, so you will be able to stock up on plenty of delicious chocolate at affordable prices.

Chocolate Gems & Other Favourites in Bulk

Lolly Warehouse specialises in bulk confectionery, making it easy to buy all the Chocolate Gems and other lollies you need for your next special event.

We have sweets to suit every special occasion including Valentine’s Day, baby showers, birthdays, Halloween, christenings, weddings, and Christmas. We have made it very easy to find what you’re looking for on our website because you can search by special occasion, colour, brand, dietary requirement, or product.

Chocolate Gems and other brightly coloured sweets are a great choice if you are planning to have an eye-catching lolly buffet at your party or are preparing party favours to impress your guests. With such a huge online selection, the hardest part will be choosing which sweets to order.