Red lollies delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have so much to choose from! What are you waiting for?

Order Red Lollies Online

Lolly Warehouse sells a delicious selection of candy in all the colours of the rainbow, including red lollies and other favourites. We have red lollies in different flavours, like strawberry, raspberry, watermelon and musk, so there is something to suit everyone.

Red lollies are the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day and romantic gifts, especially our range of chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil paper and our mega swirl red heart lollipops.

Some of our bestselling red lollies are red strawberry clouds, Allens Frogs Alive and sour strawberry blowpipes bites. Red lollies stand out in a lolly buffet, particularly red jelly beans, red chocolate buttons and strawberry rock candy.

If you are having a birthday party for someone whose favourite colour is red, we have plenty of red lollies that make great party favours like strawberry flavoured Chupa Chups Melody Pops, Milko Sticks and RJ’s Fabulicious Raspberry Twists.

Red Lollies & Brightly Coloured Sweets in Bulk

If you are organising a special event based on a certain colour, you will find red lollies and colourful sweets at Lolly Warehouse. We have made it easy for you to search our website by colour, so you can shop for red lollies, blue lollies, gold lollies and more.

Lolly Warehouse specialises in bulk confectionery, meaning you can buy even more red lollies at affordable prices.

If you love chocolates, pick up a one kilogram back of Allens Jaffas or a 400 gram bag of chocolate stars wrapped in red foil. Fans of chewy lollies won’t be able to pass up a one kilogram bag of Allseps raspberries red lollies. For longer lasting lollies, grab a 500 gram bag of bullseye rock candy or a one kilogram bag of red toffees.

We deliver our yummy parcels of confectionery to homes and businesses across Australia. Simply load up your online shopping cart with your favourite red lollies and it won’t be long before they arrive.