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Cheekies lollies have been a firm favourite with Australian families for many years. These jelly lollies are a popular choice for those who love chocolate-flavoured sweets.

With a satisfying chewy texture and delicious cocoa taste, you’ll find it difficult to stop eating Allens Cheekies after just one.

Cheekies  lollies are a similar shape to jelly babies, making them a great choice for baby showers and for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

At Lolly Warehouse, you can stock up on Cheekies lollies for your next party or event by purchasing a 1.3kg bag.

Allens Cheekies are Australian Made, contain no artificial colours and are also suitable for vegetarians.

More Than Just Allens Cheekies

We sell Allens Cheekies alongside a range of much-loved Allens confectionery.

Some of our bestselling Allens lollies include Killer Pythons, Snakes Alive, Red Frogs Alive, Fantales and Jelly Beans, which are all sold in bulk so you can stock up and save.

If you can’t decide on just one type of sweet, you can also purchase 1kg bags of Allens Wrapped Mixed Lollies and Allens Retro Party Mix.

Buy Cheekies Lollies and other Allens confectionery online today.

Cheekies Lollies and Other Bulk Confectionery

At Lolly Warehouse, we sell sweets in bulk, which means we offer choice, quality and savings to our customers.

Browse our online store by product, brand, colour, occasion or special dietary requirement and you’ll find an impressive range of options. If you have any difficulty finding the lollies you’re looking for, reach out to one of our customer service members who will be more than happy to help you.

We stock almost every kind of confectionery you can think of, so you’ll always find something to suit your next birthday party, baby shower, wedding, or other special occasion.

It’s as easy as placing an order online and waiting for your sweets and treats to arrive straight to your door.


Bag contains 1.3kg of Allen’s Cheekies

Chocolate flavoured cheekies – a very popular treat!

Made in Australia

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