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Skittles are one of the first types of candy that come to mind when you ask someone to name their favourite lolly. These multi-coloured, chewy candies come in mixed fruity flavours like strawberry, orange, lemon, green apple and grape. You can eat each colour individually or put them all in your mouth at once and enjoy the explosion of different flavours.

Skittles are brightly coloured, making them the perfect choice for a lolly buffet at your next kid’s party, as a treat inside party bags, or for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

At Lolly Warehouse, you can buy bulk skittles for your next party or event by purchasing a 500g bag.

For Skittles fans who want something a bit different, we also sell bags of Sour Skittles, with deliciously sour versions of the traditional flavours, and bags of Wild Berry Skittles, which have new flavours: raspberry, wild cherry, melon berry and berry punch.

Bulk Skittles and Other Bulk Confectionery

We sell bulk skittles alongside a range of other popular candies including Starburst lollies, M&M’s milk chocolate, and Nerds.

Why not purchase bulk skittles for your next party or special event? Skittles are the perfect choice for a rainbow-themed party, along with lollipops, killer pythons, gummi bears and other multi-coloured lollies.

You can shop our online store by colour, occasion, product, brand or special dietary requirement, making it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. If there’s anything you can’t find, a member of our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

At Lolly Warehouse, it’s so simple to place an order online. Once you’ve decided which sweets to order, all you have to is sit back and wait for your bulk skittles and other confectionery to be delivered to your home.

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