Haribo has a reputation for making chewy, colourful confectionery that kids and grown-ups love to eat, which is why it is a leading brand for snack time around the country.

If you are planning a birthday party or special occasion, Lolly Warehouse sells Haribo lollies online, making it easy for you to stock up on your favourite sweets and save money.

Our Haribo Online Range

When it comes to choosing Haribo lollies online, you can’t go past a bag of original Haribo gummy bears or Goldbears.

Since 1922, Haribo Goldbears have been one of their bestselling gummy bears in this country and around the world.

These soft and chewy little bears come in five fruity flavours, including pineapple, lemon and strawberry.

Bursting with delicious flavours and colour, Haribo is a tasty and fun option for your next party menu or snack time.

Tempting Your Taste Buds with Gummy Bears and More

When you’re shopping for Haribo online, add a pack of Haribo Happy Cherries to your cart. These playful, flavoursome sweets are designed to look like little cherries and will put a smile on your face.

For those who prefer sour lollies, Haribo brand Tangfastics will satisfy your craving.

These lollies are the perfect mix of sweet and sour flavours and fun, and come in a variety of shapes like fizzy cola bottles, dummies, cherries and crocodiles.

Haribo and Other Products for the Perfect Party

For the perfect snack or party menu item, check out our range of Haribo lollies and gummy bears online.

If you can’t find the candy you’re after, simply contact one of our expert team members, who can discuss the details of your candy requirements and point you in the right direction.

Buy Popular Haribo Products and Brands

At Lolly Warehouse, we stock a range of tantalising confectionery from well-known brands, including Haribo, as well as Trolli, Chupa Chups, Allens, Wonka and many more.

Shop for Haribo online or refine your search in our store by brand, colour, occasion or dietary requirement. Whether you are after orange, cola, apple or yellow lollies we have a huge selection of confectionery and plenty of products to suit everyone.

Tasty Candy Products for Kids and Adults

Buying Haribo products and gummy bears is easy at Lolly Warehouse. Simply shop online and add your favourite sweets to the cart and head to the check-out.

Once you’ve ordered your lollies (along with your other favourite confectionery) we will deliver your special treats directly to your door wherever you are in the country.