Darrell Lea

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Darrell Lea

Darrell Lea has been a favourite Australian brand of confectionery for decades, with their sweets forming part of many delightful childhood memories. With a product range that includes chocolate bullets, balls and blocks, as well as mouth-watering liquorice, it is easy to understand why their lollies have stood the test of time.

If you want to order Darrell Lea online at Lolly Warehouse, our website makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Simply add your choice of Darrell Lea confectionery to the shopping cart and you will receive your lollies in no time for your next party or special occasion.

One of our bestselling Darrell Lea online products are milk chocolate raspberry bullets. These chewy raspberry liquorice bullets are covered in the high quality chocolate Darrell Lea has become famous for.

We also stock bags of Darrell Lea raspberry liquorice twists, which are not only delicious but are made from quality plant-based ingredients. You will find it difficult not to eat the whole bag of liquorice in one sitting.

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Lolly Warehouse stocks a selection of confectionery made by well-known brands, including Darrell Lea, Cadbury, Walkers, Wonka, Nestle and more. If you love liquorice, we sell Darrell Lea liquorice twists, Walkers liquorice toffees, liquorice allsorts and more.

If you order Darrell Lea online along with your other favourite sweets, you may be pleased to hear we specialise in bulk confectionery. That means you can order even more lollies and save money. Our liquorice allsorts are available in one kilogram bags and liquorice toffees can be purchased in 2.5 kilogram bags.

We have made shopping for yummy treats and Darrell Lea online simple for our customers, because you can search our website by brand, product, colour or occasion.

Lolly Warehouse ships Darrell Lea sweets and a range of other tempting confectionery to homes right across Australia. Order Darrell Lea online today.